I Want to Make Joy: Maya Freelon

To be an artist in today’s volatile art industry is to embody daring. It is to put one’s personal truth and vision out in the world, to face the whims of changing trends, fickle buyers and misguided interpretations by critics. Yet, to be a successful artist also amplifies the audacity – to go from obscure creativity to the biggest galleries and museums takes a unique level of conviction. Cadillac highlights artists of color who have ventured to the farthest extent of their creativity and now fully embody the ethos: Dare Greatly.

Deftly combining colors, textures and themes to create something more powerful than the sum of it’s parts—this is artist Maya Freelon's mission. Cadillac was driven by a similar calling when they created the 2017 Cadillac Escalade. Built on a timeless legacy, the Escalade is the perfect balance of strength and beauty that exceeds your every expectation.

See the video here.

I’m on a continuous journey to celebrate the beauty of now.

- Maya Freelon